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French Submarine Chaser W123

French Submarine Chaser W123
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Photo taken on the Quay at Waterford by my dad around 1946. This vessel was one of 33 American built craft that were given to the Free French around 1944. This particular one, W123, Escorteur Spahi, was originally a US Navy patrol craft, PC 591. She apparently took part in the Anzio invasion sinking a midget sub in the process.

"The Germans next brought their one-man midget submarines into action with PC-591 and 558 each sinking a mini-sub some six miles south of Anzio. As PC-558 fished a dazed German submariner out of the sea, her lookouts spotted another mini-sub's plastic dome broach the surface seaward. Racing in, PC-558 dropped a spread of depth charges to settle the intruder's fate; her second kill for the day. A little later SC-651 demolished another lurking midget with depth charges. While this antisubmarine activity went on offshore Allied cruisers continued to support the movements of armies ashore with concentrated bombardments by USS Philadelphia (CL-41), Brooklyn, HMS Dido and several destroyers operating out of Naples."

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