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Winter is coming and it is time to make a new quilt.

Winter is coming and it is time to make a new quilt.
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The adorable mini quilt on the wall was made by Gail, a squirrel-lover in Ontario, who sent it to me to be used in a photo. I made her a 2015 calendar with a similar photo as the April image.

If my squirrel book sells well, I have a second one just waiting that may include the quilt. And remember, these squirrels work for guess where my profits go :-)
Date: 2014-11-15 21:25:58

squirrel quilt sewing machine miniature hand-crafted diorama clay 8996

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Awwwww. That's so cute!
Squirrel Girl cbk 2014-11-15 21:35:12
You always give me a giggle. Lucky you that your adoring fans send you such wonderful props! Wonderful.
Blue Spirit Images 2014-11-15 21:40:15
gwhiteway 2014-11-15 21:46:30
Wonderful!! I have these neighborhood kids (ages 4-7) that come over every day. It started when they saw me feeding birds and the squirrels every day last year and they wanted to help. Now we sit around and paint or build things. I got your squirrel book in the mail last week and read it to them. They've been back twice to hear it again. It's been a lot of fun and I think I might be getting a copy for them each for Christmas.
cowgirlupCath 2014-11-15 22:04:39
[] Thanks for your note about the book and the kids Cathy! That is so sweet of you...little kids can get quite mesmerized by the fiction versus reality thing going in in the is great fun to hear the questions they ask...They sure must love having a neighbour like you who spends so much time teaching them fun things!!
Nancy Rose 2014-11-15 22:13:40
So well done :)
Ken Krach Photography 2014-11-15 22:15:09
Always such a delight to see!
akaadventurephotos 2014-11-15 22:17:05
LOL, this is just priceless. what a great image
♞Jenny♞ 2014-11-15 22:17:51
Delightful, as always :)
JebbiePix 2014-11-15 22:28:39
Thanks Nancy! Hoping there will be a second book.
cowgirlupCath 2014-11-15 22:38:14
So cute!
CarloAlessioCozzolino 2014-11-15 23:02:09
Precious :)
Lady-bug 2014-11-15 23:14:27
Better hurry up Ms Peanut, winter will be here before we know it.
I'm constantly amazed at your work, Nancy.
nodouble - mostly away 2014-11-15 23:35:59
Your creativity and scene construction is inspiring.
SierraJoe 2014-11-16 00:20:28
So adorable, love the set for this one.
steven_and_haley_bach 2014-11-16 00:26:22
Very cute! Excellent image!
Svetty2 2014-11-16 00:31:32
Adorable as ever! What a clever little squirrel! ;-)
Julia Hardy Cakes 2014-11-16 00:51:50
Terrific imagery posted Nancy, Love the composition!
canon 65. 2014-11-16 00:52:53
Excellent work Nancy.
*Early Riser* 2014-11-16 00:54:47
Cute one!
Angie Lambert 2014-11-16 01:20:22
Totally adorable.
hey its k 2014-11-16 02:18:40
Very cute, cuz!
Kazooze 2014-11-16 03:37:54
always so lovelly *------*
I love the history :)
Jubaoli 2014-11-16 04:01:34
chausinho 2014-11-16 04:24:25
Just too too cute! Happy week end, Nancy.
nushuz 2014-11-16 04:37:08
That's brilliant!
Katie-Rose 2014-11-16 05:41:04
Adorable, fun, and creative - as always!
Cottage Days 2014-11-16 06:14:58
lol :) This is great!!!
Harry2010 2014-11-16 07:17:50
Nancy, when are you going to make a children's picture book out of these? Or have you already?
kimbar/Thanks for 3.5 million views! 2014-11-16 07:57:34
Breathtaking capture! Fabulous creativity!
cbelato 2014-11-16 10:23:44
yes, peanuts are not cheap. looks like he's go the technique down perfectly. lovely shot and great composition!
I finally was able to consume some clam chowder tonite. probably nowhere near as good as you can get but it did the trick for me.
Franz Bodmer 2014-11-16 10:54:11
Ha, ha, ha... this really makes me smile!! Thanks!
abanompa 2014-11-16 13:00:29
This is such an exceptional capture Nancy!
j man. 2014-11-16 21:20:31
awesome, love this and that you included your quilt gift.
Stephanie Calhoun Photography 2014-11-16 22:26:28
Too cute!
Karl's Gal 2014-11-17 03:23:08
Your work with these models is stunning Nancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cfotos4fun-Russell 2014-11-17 07:42:18
Love this one!!!!!
msamaclean © 2014-11-17 11:25:09
I'm so glad to see that quilting is among your squirrel's activities. Mine too. :) Thanks so much for your visit to my stream and your sweet comments. They are so very much appreciated! Have a lovely week!
pamelalong 2014-11-17 13:02:21
Nice capture.
jye_99 2014-11-18 03:13:37
Oh, How did I miss that one? and the sewing machine... !!! Your popularity now has no borders... You know what... I can imagine in a few years an auction with all those props being bid on :)))))
Anna Kowalski 2014-11-26 07:41:28
are you kidding? I never get rid of sure has come in handy having lots of "stuff" in my craft room
Nancy Rose 2014-11-26 07:48:04
your squirrel pics aew awesome!
basha04 2014-12-16 19:09:01
Ted Bush 2014-12-22 03:55:57
This is way too cute, well done for creating these clever photos, you have another fan. I can't resist....I shall be buying your book for my grandchildren😉
by Jux 2015-03-15 15:09:54

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